A Typical Day >

Mom or Dad brings me to MMIPS in the morning, where I am received with a warm welcome by my loving teachers. I meet my friends and I can chat and play freely with toys that are waiting for me. The toys change every day so it is always a surprise when I peek through the door. On some days these might be bricks or jigsaws or perhaps a farm or maybe even some cars. It might be the toy kitchen so I can pretend to cook breakfast or even do the shopping. I can even choose to read a book from our little library or scribble on the board or even play in the doll house.
After that I sit down with my friends on the mat for Register and the Weatherboard. When we feel comfortable enough to speak up we are encouraged to say good morning to everyone and to help decide on the day and the date, we talk about today's weather and any news that me or my friends might have. We then begin the main structured activities of the morning. There are always several so we work our way around the tables - perhaps cutting and sticking or painting, playing with sand, even doing some gardening. When the weather is nice we sometimes go for walks. I like finding the buds, flowers and vegetables growing in our vegetable patch. If I am in the Kindergarten then I am big enough to do some writing too!
I help to pack away and then we gather together again on the mat for story time, there are so many great stories, which one will it be today! My teacher follows the theme and even shows us some encyclopedias, books of science or geography which marvels me. Sometimes she even performs a puppet show in our theater
Now, I am helped to use the toilet and then to wash my hands. By now I am always looking forward to what happens next – Snack time! Mom always packs some exciting healthy snacks or fruits. Mom knows junk food is harmful for me.
Hurray!!! It's time to play outside. Will it be the swings, slides and bicycles today or perhaps we are going to jump on the trampoline or maybe we're going to have parachute play? It can also be sand play, water play, Yoga, Aerobics or Brain Gym.
Oh!! We get very tired, so we go back inside for a new rhyme or song to relax.
It's now time for Mom or Dad to come to pick me up, they are always keen to know all about the exciting things I've been doing that morning. But, I can't decide to tell them weather I was Playing to Learn or I was Learning to Play………