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As parents and care-givers you could support your children through school by:
1. Listening to your children with full attention. Set aside special time to do nothing else but listen with delight. Don't interrupt. Don't be judgmental verbally or otherwise. Don't invalidate their feelings. Encourage your child to express his feelings - of hurt, anger, embarrassment, fear, boredom. It is especially useful to set aside time to listen to your child at the end of each school day.
2. Playing games. Young people release a lot of their emotions through playing. Active games that encourage positive physical contact and loud noises are best, e.g. pillow-fighting.
3. Role-playing. Watch them "play teacher". They use this as a safe way to act out their frustrations that are blocking their mental well-being.
4. Setting goals with them and helping them to monitor their progress. Help them to set up a realistic study schedule.
5. Providing as many different learning experiences as possible- outings, trips, informative television viewing, appropriate movies, conversations with resource people.
6. Rewarding them for improvement and performance not just for achievement. Don't demonstrate disappointment when the child does not seem to live up to your expectations.
7. Love them "in spite of" and "just because".