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We at MMIPS value play as meaningful learning. This being the underlying principle of our philosophy we cultivate a child’s critical and creative intelligence through play. Play is a child’s most natural and important key to overall development. Through their desire to play, most of a child’s developmental needs will be met.
Children are active learners, who learn best from pursuing their own interests while being supported challenged by adults. Hands on learning experiences that blend learning with fun and play bring out the child’s exuberant energy and kindles their thought process. Our innovative methodology, excellent standards followed by stimulating structured routines, brings out their inherit qualities and broadens their intellectual horizons.
A child’s experience in the early years has a major impact on their future lives. Keeping this in mind MMIPS strives to provide an extremely child oriented, stress free, joyous stimulating environment for our little ones. This enables them to develop to their full potential during their critical early years MMIPS emphasizes on excellent standards of care, tailor learning experiences to your child’s needs, and faster close loving ties with your child. We provide an educational experience for children wherein they can learn not only ABC’s and 123’s but also how to play and learn, how to think and reason and how to explore, enquire and excel.