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MMIPS is MARSHY BEAR'S HOME. It is nestled in the verdant serene and safe residential location of Kharghar. Our rich outdoor and indoor environment is suitable to meet children's physical and sensory needs through all types of play .This offer essential experiences vital to their well being, health and development.
Fortunate to have the school on the ground floor, we have ample outdoor spaces giving opportunities for children to Play and Learn naturally. Close to nature they can have firsthand experience of the birds chirping, the sun shining, the flowers blooming and the bees buzzing (weather, birds, insects, germination, plants, etc).They can be active, noisy , messy and use all their senses with their whole body to explore the variety of sensations the outdoor offers. Bright and breezy outdoor play area with swings, sandpit, slides, bikes, ball house, water play, etc.. We believe in using this area as an 'extension of the classroom,' and during the cooler months have planned activities including, painting, messy play, water play, parachute play, block and construction, role-play, musical, tent city, balancing equipments and lots more. Our very own vegetable patch, where the children can care for and cultivate their own 'home-grown' produce. They can taste it, feel it, care for it and most importantly see it grow from a seed into a plant. Most children relate strongly to learning outdoors where they have the freedom to explore the ever changing environment and learn the skills of social interaction and friendship.
An area of over 1900sqft specially designed to accommodate and fully integrate all children's daily needs. Colorful and creative, AC classrooms and a wide range of age appropriate Montessori equipments and resources encourage children to learn independently and through hands-on experiences. Our Activity room is bright, colorful with specially designed Stage for children to perform and gain confidence. An LCD fitted with a Home Theater and Internet access makes audio visual learning exciting. A Reading Corner in every classroom with a wide variety of books to freely choose from inculcates a likeness for reading .We also follow the 'Growing Readers Program' that stresses on reading which is very important for a good foundation of Literacy . The exercises of Brain gym helps children build confidence and a positive influence in increasing concentration, improving focus, memory and control child's emotions.